Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Zealand - Free Falling

I'd say I jumped out of an airplane at 15,000 feet, but really I was pushed. In NZ, there is absolutely ZERO ground preparation. Hamish, the jumpmaster I was attached to, said it just makes people nervous so they feel no preparation is better. While we climbed up to the 15,000 feet I asked if there is anything I should at least know for the landing, and his reply was that we'll worry about that if the chute opens! So there was no choice but to sit back, relax and enjoy the view of Lake Taupo and green hillsides!

We did around a 70 second freefall - in which time we covered 10,000 feet. Nearly two miles, so crazy. Then the rest of the way down was around 6 minutes. I even got to "fly it." It was so amazing, the feeling of plummeting to the earth was definitely different from any I've felt before. Once the chute opened Hamish thought it would be fun to spin us in circles real fast - which was almost more than I could take.

My mom always wanted to skydive - we even made plans to but her Oncologist wouldn't allow it. I hope she was able to watch me today! I hope there is skydiving in Heaven because I know she'd love it!

My skydive album:

Location:Rotorua, NZ


  1. From 1st class at LAX to Miss American in New Zealand, that is our Stephani. Your very descriptive descriptions of the kayak, zorbed, free fall adventures all made my stomach weak just reading about them.
    Keep us poste.

  2. Just so you will know when you see a comment from Classic refinishing it is from me

  3. I'm very jealous, looks like fun. I'm really enjoying hearing about your adventures. Love & miss you!!

  4. I am having a great time reading about your adventures, having been to NZ when Kelly lived there. She went sky diving and scuba diving and watched a friend zorb. I sent her a link to your blog. She'll love it.
    Sky diving in Heaven? I wouldn't doubt it. I am reading Heaven by Randy Alcorn, and the New Heaven and New Earth sound amazing!