Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have been conducting very serious field research as I travel around the world. Through a blend of participant observation, data collection and surveys I have compiled a list of the results. I'm sure the impact of my study will be far-reaching and I just may be the next Jane Goodall.

There is a dead possum every .8km on the side of the highway in New Zealand - this is the highest per capita in the world.

After a stranger takes your photograph and you look at it, 72% of the time you smile, thank them, then hit your camera's delete button.  
Increase the odds you like your photo by instead taking a selfie!

Australia is the only country that eats its national symbol.  
* this one could possibly true and is courtesy of my new friend Annabel from Oz.

The international price index to pee is about $0.28. At this price, nearly 1% of my total trip cost went to visiting public potties. I miss American - land of the free (pee).

"TIA" is the most widely used acronym on the dark continent - This Is Africa. Its broad application is due to widespread corruption, breakdowns, and Africa just being a general cluster much of the time.  (but totally worth it!)  
 Supporting evidence: the border crossing into Zambia.

Baboons prefer power  bars over leaves 3:1 in a taste test.

An on-time train in eastern Europe is 30 minutes late.

There is a 22% chance that the monument/church/building you are most excited to see will be covered in scaffolding. 

The most accurate litmus test to determine if the city you're in has been westernized or not is one simple question: is there a Starbucks?


**These statistics are 100% inaccurate and completely fabricated by me. Not that there was any doubt, especially with my stellar math academic record...I can't even count how many times I enrolled and dropped statistics in college!


  1. You had me believing your stats for a minute! However I had forgotten about your prowess in math. Have that script memorized yet? Love Ya

  2. Very cute post! Is that your car that the baboon is in? Crazy!