Friday, July 6, 2007

Kenya - Payer Life

speaking of prayer life - nothing like being here to get you praying all the time! yesterday i had to take a matatu home from compassion. a matatu is like a small bus/van that locals ride and you just pay a guy that kinda hangs out the side of the van. muzungus dont ride much unless they are pros like me now - hee hee. they are ok, just two girls i know got pickpocketed on them just this week so you have to be super careful. they cram about 15 people in what should hold 7. so yesterday it was packed full, the only white person of course just holding on to my backback for dear life praying!! they get carjacked pretty regularly and whites get robbed all the time, but there arent that many other options. anyway, i made it back home safely, i was so proud of myself! i'm like, ive got africa down!! it is just so nuts here. just so unlike anything, i know i keep saying that but it is just unreal!! i haven't taken that many pictures yet so next week will load up. its so hard to get them at schools bc if you pull out the camera the kids rush you and they wont pose or back up they are so excited. and if the flash goes off they all scream and laugh, and they all are just so eager to look at the picture in the digital viewer. i tried so hard to get some to pose but they just couldn't contain their excitement. i have group photos, but have been trying to get some of just one or two kids and those are the ones that they all just pile in. its pretty funny.

anyway, ok. bye.

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