Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kenya - Howdy! (not nearly as cool as Jambo)

i re-entered the world yesterday and it sucks! stay in Africa!

I got home Sunday and about 3 hours after i got home was in the emergency room getting fluids and morphine. my whole body was cramped to the point i couldn't stop crying. There has to be a small animal in my intestines. it had to be that meal in the slum with my sponsored boy. i knew i was in trouble as i swallowed each bite. i slept 32 of my first 36 hours home.

so i gained 9 pounds in my 4 weeks there, definitely should have put some exercise on this trip. The scoopfuls of lard were more than I could metabolize!! Only i could go to a third world country and gain wait. i can't fit into any of my clothes so i'm in all knit. it is so special.

i'm thinking it best to ease back into work so i'm headed to the pool, gotta get some color before the big 3-0 festivities this weekend so I'm not fat and pale : )


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