Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kenya - So Tired

school got out early today so i decided to make my way to internet and in a few minutes i am off to have nap. i am so tired today for some reason!! im fine, just exhausted. in a couple hours we are going to junction where the nakumat - grocery store- and coffee house are. us girls are cooking dinner tonight for our hosts. each of us is going to make a little something from home that we like. i may try to make a mexican dip if i can find the ingredients! so we'll see, between my limited repertoire and the little selection of food there is no telling what i am going to come up with. yesterday evening we were at nairobi java house and there was huge group of folks from the US from student ventures - campus crusades HS group - and it was fun hearing about their mission trip over here.

i can't believe I've been gone for over 2 weeks already! nuts!

well, i'm off to nap and get some food from my snack bag. i sure wish i had brought more protein bars. oh well.


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