Monday, September 8, 2008

Beijing, China - Top 10 List

Finally found an internet cafe today, that Chairman Mao is not a proponent of the First Amendment! 

Top 10 things I've learned in China:
1. Crossing the street is an extreme sport.
2. Acting out a chicken while ordering food is no guarantee that you will get served chicken.
3. You can find almost anything fried on a stick.
4. It's perfectly acceptable for little kids to poop on a busy sidewalk. (not sure what the lesson is there but thought it worth mentioning)
5. The great wall is in fact, great.
6. There are no fortune cookies in China.
7. Pei Wei is still my favorite.
8. Fried bumble bees taste gross.
9. Why walk on the sidewalk when you can walk straight into oncoming traffic?
10. China really put the "POW!" in kung pao chicken. 

China is an amazing place, but smelly.

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