Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready to leave Margaritaville and go to Sangriaville!

Shala and I are at the bar in the airport drinking margaritas. We are enjoying a final taste of Texas and I'm hoping my margarita with chambord helps me sleep on the plane.

I made it through security with my executioner's saw. I was a little nervous about it, having visions of scenes from Locked Up Abroad as I anxiously waited for my bag to clear! I would hate to end up as the sequel to Midnight Express, so hopefully my luck will continue.

I couldn't sleep a wink last night so I got up at 4am to unpack from my last trip, sort laundry and make the all-important decision about what flipflops to bring! Then I downloaded music that's supposed to help me sleep, but the peaceful water rushing sounds ended up just making me wonder if I need to pee! I literally packed in under 10 minutes this afternon so hope I end up liking what I brought!

We are spending the next two days in Madrid and our mouths are already watering for authentic sangria and tapas!


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  1. You left one of your prescriptions here. Hope you don't need it! How is the Sangria?