Friday, September 11, 2009

All Roads Lead to Rhodes

Actually, all seas lead to Rhodes is more like it. We took a hydrofoil to and from Rhodes today. I know how it got it's name - it goes on water and is as sturdy as a roll of aluminum foil. Shala calls it a coke can - either way not real sure it would meet US safety standards!

I wasn't a fan of Rhodes, but today things just didn't go our way. I know, I know, it sounds terrible to complain about a day at a Greek Isle. It's just that it is probably the most commercialized touristy place I've been since Disney World. After walking around the fortified old town we grabbed a taksi to one of the "best" beaches. We wandered around looking for an authentic taverna to get a lamb gyro for lunch. At one point I looked at Shala and asked her if we were in South Padre! We found Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut, Mickey D's, and TGI Fridays. We couldn't find a place for a gyro. We finally stumbled on one, sat down at the counter and ordered our lamb gyros. All out of lamb today, we were informed. Seriously, out of lamb in Greece?!? So we settled for chicken gyros then grabbed a cab all the way back to Old Town because it started to rain. It was blue skies when we arrived, then a couple hours later it rained for the first time since May! Why am I not surprised? Afterall, Istanbul started to FLOOD while we were there! It was a cute old town and we did our part to support the Greek economy while there. All in all neat place, just lost its charm somewhere along the way.

In search of something very local back in Bodrum for dinner, we had mezes at a fantastic place where we sat outside overlooking the harbor and castle. We were the only non-residents; the owner's mom does the cooking and there is no menu. Whatever mama cooks, you eat. Mezes are the equivalent to tapas in Spain. I've been in Turkey a week and the word for eggplant is the only word I've learned!

Our mildewmobile survived the trip Ephesus yesterday. Only 4 of its 5 gears work and it constantly drips water on your feet, but it served its purpose. I tried to sell Shala on the dripping being an added Turkish foot bath feature but she wasn't buying it! We loved Ephesus. Very cool to walk where Paul walked - turns out he lived in the 'burbs and not the urban center of Efes. Words just don't do, one of those places you just need to go to know.

It's been an eye-opening trip. We are here during Ramadan so I've learned about that. We discovered that you don't have to show any ID when flying within Turkey, and that customs in Greece is purely optional! There is an emergency code for women to dial from any phone if they become victims of "international human trafficing." Regretably, jorts seem to be in style for men. Genie pants are the craze for women. The watches are genuine fakes. UB40's Red Red Wine seems to be topping the charts here because it's played constantly. The people are warm and friendly. The food is delicious and the wine goes down smoothly.

I'm afraid I have contracted a new strand of the H1N1 Swine Flu. It's the 'little piggy' strand and I got it from 10 days of partaking in the local cuisine and wine. How's the old saying go...when in Turkey?

This trip's been a Turkish Delight.

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