Saturday, September 5, 2009

How to eat your way through Madrid in 48 hours

That is really the most appropriate title for our two days in Madrid. We've been what I call "lazy tourists" but Shala says we are "non-tourist tourists" which sounds much better!

We've mostly just walked around, sipped cafe con leches, we had Gelato, churros and of course tapas and wine! Churros come with a coffee cup full of melted chocolate! Tapas translation is 'small plates' but so far there has been nothing small about what we've had! Lots of cheeses, yum.

Having spent 5 weeks here 6 years ago I've been able to provide invaluable insight for Shala. In the gardens outside the palace I told her...these statues represent something, but I can't remember what. Or, this arch has bullet holes from an assasination that started a war. Of course I couldn't remember who, or what war! Shala made fun of me mimicing- to your left is a big fancy building, and to your right is a big fancy building.

Last night we went out in an area predominately for locals. After dinner we went to a bar where we ended up crashing a Spanish/French bachelor party. Whoever said that 93% of communication is non-verbal is full of crap! I hummed the theme song to Dallas and they all immediately knew where we are from! Will our Texas reputation ever extend beyond JR Ewing? I was asked two funny things - do I eat lots of cheeseburgers, and is there no sun in Texas because I am so white. The only thing fair about that fight is my skin tone!

We went to Museo Reina Sofia today which is home to an impressive Picasso and Dali collection. Dali was definitely smoking something when he was painting! We saw his painting entitled Electrosexual Sewing Machine - what the heck?!?

In a world of constant change I'm comforted that I can count one thing not to remain the same - Spaniards stink in the summer!

We're resting up for dinner and headed out in a bit - pizzeria tonight! We fly to Istanbul in the morning.

Me cooling with a pitcher of tinto de verano!

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  1. We downloaded Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's Ocean Waves and Meditative Ocean, and they are great for falling asleep. Feels like I'm lying on the beach. It helps keep my mind from doing too much thinking.

  2. I was trying to post the comment about the download on another page of yours, but somehow it flipped over here....