Saturday, February 13, 2010

Australia - Finding Nemo

I thought panoramas on land are gorgeous, but now I think God created His finest masterpiece under water! I did my first dive and two snorkles in the outter Great Barrier Reef. It must not be summer under water because school is definitely in session - thousands of fish swimming together. Literally.

(my pre-SCUBA concentration face)

This was my first SCUBA. There's something about an activity that in the on-boat lesson the instructor teaches you the hand signal for 'shark', and a separate sign for 'great white shark' that's a bit unnerving! It took me a couple minutes to trust my oxygen tank and then I loved the freedom of being able to stay under and go down 12 meters to socialize with the sealife.

I saw a huge variety of fish, scary stingy jellies, clams, sea cucumbers and coral. I even saw Nemo with his clown fish friends! The fish covered the full spectrum of colors and patterns.

I had this wow - I'm really diving the Great Barrier Reef moment today. It's a bucket list must!

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Location:Davidson St,Port Douglas,Australia


  1. W0W,how fun!! Looks like your having a blast every day, what a life! Not much here. All the snow took out a huge chunk of the tree in front of your window. The whole thing will probably have to come down. We got about 6or 7 inches here, it varied all over the metroplex. Andy got 12 inches at his house. Most of it melted today tho. Waiting for warmer weather. Love and miss you!

  2. cheers to the hope you don't see any of those hand signals or hear the creepy "duh dun. duh dun..." music from jaws!