Friday, February 12, 2010

Australia - Crikey!

G'day mates!

I realize I said mate, but I'm actually anti early-adoption of foreign English words. I think I'd sounds totally ridiculous if I was all: had a great time with my mates. Right-o! There were a few bogens out last night. The road was chockers bc of a big car smash. Or back home if I asked the Starbucks barista for a 'flat white with trim milk' she'd look at me as if I had a a wallaby on my head! But I confess I have adopted sunnies (sunglasses) and brekky (breakfast) into my vernacular. They're just fun to say!

I'm now in sunny and very warm Port Douglas (north of Cairns, pronounced Cans). The ocean is a stunning mix of my favorite green and blue crayons. I will be doing my first dive from here off the Great Barrier Reef. (please no sharks please no sharks please please). Actually, in the summer you have to wear a 'stinger suit' so really it's box jellies I want to avoid.

I am spending the next two weeks on the western coast of Oz, and one night in the middle of absolutely nowhere in the Northern Territory Outback. My dad took me to see Crocodile Dundee. It was my first PG13 movie and the scene where Sue wears a thong into the croc-infested waters left a huge impression on me. Perhaps I will find Mick to take me on a walkabout too!

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Location:Davidson St,Port Douglas,Australia


  1. Stef,

    How is the trip going? I was thinking about visiting one of my mates in OZ. Would be cool if we met up. Shoot me an email of your itenary over the next month.

    Have fun!


  2. Let me know how that thong and croc thing works out. A walkabout sounds fun tho. Not much going on here, just watching the snow melt. Aunt V sends her love. Love ya!